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The Broken Psyche

Identity [re]construction on Instagram

The book analyses the effects the displacement of the subject on Instagram has on its identity. Jungian and Lacanian psychoanalysis are read vis-a-vis to establish an understanding of identity construction in the ‘collective conscious’. The book hypothesises that Instagram's structure numbs negative judgement by emphasising the #goodlife and thereby restricts the (natural) transformation of identity.


Why Write?


I believe in the importance of preserving and furthering attempts of understanding what it means to be human. Participating in the process of writing means submitting oneself to this debt we owe.



The article discusses literature's function as a vessel for mythical or 'sacred' transformation


Part III: Individuation and De-Individuation as sacrifice

This is part three of a five part excerpt from my book on the YiJing and DaoDeJing discussing the process of Ego sacrifice as the fundament of the dynamic between Individuation and De-Individuation.

Latest Articles

My articles cover topics from philosophy to the natural sciences. From these perspectives, I comment on current events and timeless issues.

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